LUSH and Homemade Matcha Face Mask

It is a fairly well-known fact that the skin becomes dry during the winters. Leaving your skin feeling tight, rough, and itchy. Skin gets dry because the harsh wind and cold weather irritate it, and the lack of humidity in the air causes it to lose moisture rapidly. As we age, winter dryness becomes worse because the natural oil layer in our skin is depleted. These face masks were truly heaven-sent. I love all Lush face masks, but this Oatifix is definitely my numero uno. I immediately have baby soft skin after using it. It smells so delicious (like baked goods)…it seriously makes me want to eat it every time I use it! lol It just smells so absolutely amazing and leaves my wintery skin feeling very moisturized, hydrated and brighter. Anyway, I use this mask every other day and Love Lettuce twice a week. They both give my face a nice glow.

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 ♡  L U S H  is  L O V E  ♡

Why not also try this simple DIY face mask?

Since I was younger, making homemade organic face masks has always been my hobby and this is one of my favorites! It is perfect to enjoy while doing Zazen 坐禅 / zen meditation. Play some soothing and calming music. Relax while letting your face mask set.

Homemade Matcha Green Tea Face Mask


2 tbsp PLAIN YOGURT (contains lactic acid that helps to smooth rough, dry skin and prevent premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots)

2 tsp ORGANIC MATCHA POWDER (high level of antioxidants)

1 slice LEMON  (vitamin c, boosts collagen production, brighten dull skin, helps fade dark spots / blemishes and even out skin discolorations)


1. Mix in a small bowl until you reach the desire consistency.

2. Apply on your face and leave it for about 30 minutes.

3. Rinse off with cool water and a damp cloth.






11008891_10200293291491211_1796591341_n (1)

Give it a try.

Let me know how they work for you! 

♡ ♡ 

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