Cherry Blossom Baking Essentials from Cuoca Shop in Tokyo

Jiyugaoka is indeed one of my favorite places in Tokyo. It’s classy, chic & laid-back like Daikanyama. Close to Jiyugaoka Station (自由が丘駅) is a classy dessert paradise (building complex) known as “Sweets Forest”. There are several small sweets shops from which you can satisfy your sweet tooth. The 1st floor has only one shop and it doesn’t sell cakes or crepes, but instead sells everything you need to make them yourself. This specialty store is called Cuoca Shop Jiyugaoka. This store is essentially geared for baking enthusiasts ー it specializes in all sorts of cooking supplies and ingredients. It’s an excellent resource for those who love to bake. The most impressive part of the store is that they have a “chocolate cellar” specially designed to keep high-quality chocolate at just the right temperature.


I was introduced to Cuoca by a friend who also loves to bake and my culinary school in Tokyo (Le Cordon Bleu). I fell in love with this shop because they have almost everything I need for baking…plus its location! 

I go here every year to hoard some sakura ingredients for my spring desserts.


Here are some of them…


♡ Cherry Blossom Tart and Cupcake Liners ♡

Aren’t they so cute?


♡ Cherry Blossom Cookie Cutter and Piping Tip/Nozzle ♡


♡ Cherry Blossom (candies/chocolates) Cupcake Decorations  ♡CLR_0545





♡ Freeze Dried Sakura (Petal) Flakes ♡


♡ Powdered Sakura Flower ♡


♡ Sakura Flowers in Syrup ♡

They can be used to make the most delightful sakura cocktails and jelly.

sakura flowers in syrup

♡ Sakura Honey Syrup ♡

This is so perfect for sakura-flavored pancakes on cozy springy mornings!

My family loves pancakes so much.


Sakura Liqueur (22%) 

You can get much more depth of flavour in a recipe by using a liqueur. I am slowly building up my stock of liqueurs for baking like Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Kahlúa and many more. Love ’em all!


♡ Sakura Essence ♡CLR_0502

♡ Pickled Sakura Flowers ♡



They can be used for making Sakura-yu 桜湯 ー a traditonal tea made with cherry blossom. The clear, faintly pink tea tastes slightly salty. It has a very mild floral taste and aroma. You can also add them to green tea like Sencha 煎茶 for something a bit different. 


– pickled sakura flower(s) in hot water –

♡ DIY Sakura Mochi 桜餅 / Cherry Blossom Rice Cake Kit ♡

  • glutinous rice
  • pickled sakura leaves
  • sweet red bean paste (koshian)
  • powdered pickled sakura flower



By the way, sweeties…

Learn how to make Sakura Mochi and Cherry Blossom Cheesecake in my next posts…see you!





So okay, if you buy more than ¥5000 worth of goodies from Cuoca, you are eligible for free shipping within Japan. It’s very convenient because you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy shopping bags afterwards…

Then after 2 days, I received my package. Voila! I also bought Matcha! *:)

There are two Cuoca shops in Tokyo – one in Jiyugaoka and one in Shinjuku.


Thank you for dropping by sweeties!

♡ ♡ ♡